DSR Reefing Method

The sustainable way of reef keeping

Save time with no more water changes !

Who we are & what we do?

DSR stands for "Dutch Synthetic Reefing". This is a way of keeping a mixed reef aquarium successful without water changes. The DSR Method was developed by "Glenn Fong" as a problem solving tool for his own 1500 liter mixed reef aquarium. No water changes and controlling essential water parameters are the basics of the DSR Method.

Read more about Glenn's experiences here:

Jan2014, Publication in Reef Hobbyist magazine (California, USA) "A FLOURISHING DUTCH SYNTHETIC REEF"


      10 Key features of The DSR reefing method:

  • Most cost-effective All-in-One maintenance method developed for large and XL reef tanks.
  • The next level in reefing, without the inconvenience of weekly water changes.
  • Independent, precise and scientific based dosing, resulting in total control of essential water parameters.
  • Proven method showing excellent results.
  • Own DSR support forum and state of the art DSR calculator which makes dosing very easy.
  • Reliable dosing & monitoring of 12 core elements using hobby test kits.
  • Approach with a fast learning curve to become a reef master.
  • High success rate for advanced reef aquarists and newbees.
  • Open method which relies on trust and open communication to improve DSR even further.
  • Ability to make high quality reef salt to your own specifications for major and emergency corrections.

DSR reef tank

Over 12 years without water changes

Who we are & what we do?

We are UK based supplier of all DSRreefing products.

All UK DSR users have now direct access to the desired original DSR products at all times without international shipping procedures.

We do stock most of the DSR product line regularly so you don't have to wait anymore for timely oversea shipping. You can also pre-ordered any product we don't normally stocking and we will arrange the import for you.

Why switch to DSR?

No more water changes, no more crashes, no GFO, no media reactors, no algae filtering, no calcium reactor...

...just taking control with chemistry

What more do you wish for?

DSR - Dutch Synthetic Reefing

Saltwater aquarium has never been so easy before. Our goal is to make reef-keeping transparent and affordable for everyone.

Join the growing community of successful sustainable reefers and start your own coral aquaculture with less cost and labour.

With the DSR Method it is possible to establish a stable and controlled reef environment. It’s an all-in-one reef aquarium maintenance solution. The costs of running the DSR method are a fraction of reef salt needed for regular water changes. You learn to understand the way things work and you get more control of the biochemical processes in your reef aquarium.

DSR Websites

  • DSR support/reference forum: www.DSRreefing.nl/forum
    Register to access the full content of the “Dutch Synthetic Reefing” forum.
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