Ionic Balance in DSR:

How do I manage NaCl Build up (ionic Imbalance) due to the use of NaHCO3 and CaCl2 ?

Quite simple you don’t need to do much. At first you already remove some, by skimming, siphoning, giving away water with frags, or in some case just manual removal to correct a high salinity. The NaCl build up is a very slow (theoretical) process and you don't have you worry about it because of above mentioned reason.

The total salinity of your water is a mix of all salts. With the water removal you also remove  elements like Ca, KH, Mg, Sr, K, B. These removed elements should be supplemented, otherwise they become depleted in time. There is where the DSR Calculator come into picture.

  1. The unwanted Na + Cl  ions (from use of NaHCO3 + CaCl2) are removed by water removal
  2. By periodic measurement and using the DSR calculator you supplement the right amount of Ca, KH, Mg, Sr, K, and B elements.
  3. By periodic Checking of you Salinity with a refractometer you know weather you need adjustments of the total salinity.

NaCl is the largest quantity salt in you water and make up for most of the salinity measurement.

The way to control salinity and NaCl levels in DSR.

First you need to make sure your (large mass salts) KH, Mg, Ca, K are at the right levels. After that your salinity measurement (using refractometer) should be accurate enough for our purpose.

All those salts do have a significant effect on the salinity measurement, that is why those levels should be corrected first before measuring Salinity. The NaCl Levels can now be corrected (as last on the list).

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