How to battle any Cyanobacteria without medications and additions

1- Wait until the Cyano outburst is on it’s daily peak.

2- Lights out!

3- Siphon out all purple/green slime and visible detritus.

4- Apply a strong Power Filter in the tank! (1500-3000 l/h.)

5- Use a extra pump  ~ 1000 l/h to stir up all dirt in the sand and on the LR. You can also use a brush for stubborn spots.

6- Wait until the water has cleared filtered by the power filter, then stir it all up again. All debris will be absorbed by the filter wool floss on the power filter. If necessary replace the filter wool floss.

As the filter wool become dirtier it will remove smaller particles, so do not exchange it too soon. New filter wool must always be rinse with hot water, otherwise your skimmer will go wild.

8- In the following days it is preferred to reduce the lighting time or intensity to minimize the development of slime. Continue to use the power filter and siphon the places where slime is being produced. Then lights off again and stir up all detritus again for the power filter to pick up the dirt.

If there is purple slime on the filter wool clean it directly. This is already clogged and does more harm by spreading everything around again.

9- If slime stays away you can slowly increase the lighting to desired length and strength again.

Before you start with all this procedure measure your phosphate and monitor it the days after. If the phosphate level rises shockingly use a phosphate remover.

Never remove all phosphate and nitrate out of your system, you need some for your corals and your balance!

battle cyanobacteria

battle cyanobacteria

battle cyanobacteria

battle cyanobacteria

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