How to start with DSR and how to determine daily consumption

At first you need all the desired test kits and supplements, than you are ready to go.

  1. Perform a initial measurement of all desired parameters
  2. Type in all measured parameter into the "measured" column of the DSR Calculator (check the "volume" and "Correction" function)
  3. Type in your desired "Target" levels.
  4. Top up the levels  with the advised amount of minerals/solutions.
  5. Now your water is "perfect".
  6. After 4 days you measure again and repeat step 2-5 .
  7. All correction made at step 6 can be divided by 4. This is you "temporary" daily consumption and can be dosed daily to keep up the levels.
  8. After 7 days repeat step 1-5 again, but now divided by 7. This is your "additional" daily consumption. This is on top of the daily dose you were already doing at step 7. So for total daily dosing you need to add temporary + addition dosing together.
  9. Repeat step 8 from now on to adjust the daily consumption for any period of time you choose your measure interval.


Advised measure intervals:

Weekly: KH, Ca, PO4  (and any parameter that need mayor correction at any measurement)

Every 2/3/4 weeks: Any parameter which has been stable for a while or more measurement on a row. The length of the interval depend on how long this had been steady, but no longer than 4 weeks.


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