The EZ-DSR program contains 4 ready-to-use and balanced dosing solutions. They are packaged in transparent bottles, which can be placed directly on the dosing pump.

The advantages of EZ-DSR are:

convenience, extra purified substances, no use of heavy metals, simple start, excellent results, the possibility of corrections with the extensive DSR program.

Above all, it is a very easy way to get started before you can delve into the DSR method to get the most out of it.

The (theoretical) dosing ratio EZ buffer: EZ Calcium: EZ Trace = 5:1:(0.5).
Measurements of KH and Ca are minimized in this program, but can never be completely ignored, because consumption is dynamic in every aquarium.
EZ Trace contains: Magnesium, Sulfate, Potassium, Boron, Iodide & Manganese.
This means that all essential substances are structurally replenished, so that measurements and corrections can be further minimized.

DSR-EZ "new tank" startup procedure in real life see here

DSR-EZ start procedure 

(for aquarium without structural problems)

First go through all steps for high nutrients.

Install a Power Filter (siphon as much dirt as possible from the bottom)

Install and calibrate the dosing channels. Always place the outflow higher than the EZ bottles, to prevent overdose due to siphoning. Places the outflow above water and uses check valves on all channels to prevent back siphoning. 

Measure KH, Ca, Mg, PO4, NO3 to get an impression of the values and start with the basic doses if necessary. 

Use recommended tests kits. Use the DSR reference to calibrate them.

DSR EZ-Carbon   DSR EZ-Buffer   DSR EZ-Calcium   DSR EZ-Trace

Start the basic dosage for EZCarbon (as stated on the bottle)

DSR EZ-Carbon - Instant nutrients control solution suitable for auto dosing units. Transparent bottle to keep track of liquid level. Removes NO3 and PO4. Instant food for healthy bacteria population. The color can vary from yellowish to dark brown and has no influence on the effectiveness of the product. Daily start dosing: 1ml / 100 liter (use dosing table on package) if PO4<0,02ppm use CarbonVS & PO4+ 

Start the basic dosage for EZBuffer (as stated on the bottle)

DSR EZ-Buffer - instant KH and PH solution for auto dosing unit Raise Alk and PH. Dosing at 5:1 ratio to EZ calcium Concentration: 16,7ml / 100 liter = 1dKH raise (max.0,2dkh/dosing) Daily start dosing: 4ml / 100 liter. (dosing throughout the day) Check: Alk once a week, salinity once a month. EZBuffer is also used with EZ2Go

Start the basic dosage for EZCalcium (as stated on the bottle)

DSR EZ-Calcium - Instant calcium solution for auto dosing unit. Raise calcium, raise strontium in a balanced way, extra pure products, no heavy metals, optimal concentrate, no precipitation, dosing at 1:5 ratio to EZ Buffer Concentration: 0,578ml / 100 liter = 1ppm raise Daily start dosing: 0,8ml / 100 liter. 

Start the basic dosage for EZTrace (as stated on the bottle = 50% of EZ Calcium)

DSR EZ-Trace - Magnesium, Potassium, Sulphate, Boron, Iodine, Manganese. Instant dosing essential trace solution for daily use. To be used in Full-DSR and EZ-DSR program. Dosing is based on 50% of the EZ-Calcium consumption. Daily start dosing: 0,5ml / 100l.  Maximal dosing 6ml / 100l 

Measure (2) weekly and supplement if necessary

Optimize the values by adjusting the dosages

If you start with very high PO4/NO3 values, clean the sandy bottom thoroughly using siphon off. It is not necessary to start with optimal values, DSR has been developed to pull an aquarium out of the doldrums under poor conditions. Please see High Nutrients


EZ-DSR is plug and play.

EZ-DSR is especially for aquarists who want to start with a "simple basic program", where the actions are reduced to the minimum necessary. It should be noted that strict management promotes growth, while less monitoring inhibits growth, but does not necessarily have to be harmful.

EZ-DSR formula is filtered from field experiences with the full DSR program. Of course, within the framework of what is possible and using common sense. When consumption is detected, EZ-Buffer and EZ-Calcium are added to the dosing units according to the starting dosage. The fixed dosage ratio for EZ-Buffer: EZ-Calcium (5:1) makes "keeping track" easier and provides more peace of mind. Depending on consumption, EZ-Buffer and EZ-Calcium are adjusted proportionately. You supplement an identified imbalance with DSR KH+ or DSR Ca+.

EZ-Trace maintains the following essential minerals and trace elements: Magnesium, Sulfate, Potassium, Boron, Iodide and manganese. EZ-Carbon reduces PO4 and NO3. In the event of an imbalance, adjustments can be made with the Full DSR program (with PO4/NO3 when dosing or switching to CarbonVS/Fe/PO4/NO3).

EZ-DSR is easy to get started with. The "classic DSR" remains the ultimate controllable dosing/correction program. The EZ-DSR program is supported by the complete DSR program and further developed.

See the DSR method (new tank) startup procedure in real live here


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