Structural deaths in the aquarium?

With dosing we can do a lot, but not against nature. Extremely high feeding, over occupation and poisoning cannot be received only with doses.

Therefore, a reset with a few water changes will have to be thought first.

Always use the CRS salt for this, because it was specially developed for that!

CRS250 - Custom Reef Salt

  • to produce 250 liters at once
  • to correct excess (of heavy metals) by omitting it.

DSR CRS custom reef salt mix


  • Contains zero unwanted contaminants and heavy metals.
  • Simplified creation, where 6 elements can be adjusted independently.
  • Complete production (without weighing) for 250 liters with perfect values.


  • FullDSR starts
  • Reset of poorly running systems
  • Dilution of heavy metals in systems with a surplus
  • Adjusting imbalances
  • To be used as replacement water when extracting the soil from cyano and other pests

DSR CRS custom reef salt mix

Preparing the saltwater with CRS250 is done as follows:

Fill the desired number of liters (-3.6%) osmosis water in a barrel and bring it to temperature.

Use a streamer or strong pump to get the water moving.

Use the table supplied on the CRS bottle to weigh the following products

NaCl+, Ca+, Mg+ and CRS250 fluid

These substances may be administered in one go with the water.

Only administer MgSO4 & KH+ (alternately) when all other salts have dissolved and the water is clear (after ~5-10 minutes).

For a partial change, the prepared salt water can be used immediately after it is clear and at the right temperature (1-2 hours).

For a complete filling/change, aerate for 12 hours with a flow pump.

No precipitation will occur with the specified values!

For other volumes always use the latest DSR Calculator! This can be downloaded here: CRS Custom Reef Salt Calculator 

The DSR Calculator is an Excel sheet which do mineral dosing calculations based on action, water volume, measured and targeted values. To open this file you need to install Microsoft Excel or Apache OpenOffice. Only the bright yellow cells are to be edited. Formula cells are protected (with a password), to prevent overwriting formula's.

Simplified creation, without compromise on controllability of the values.

Problems with a surplus of heavy metals are a thing of the past....

Removing a surplus is best done with dilution. a salt with zero heavy metals.

The CRS250 has been specially developed for this purpose.

Of course, locating the source of the contamination remains priority No. 1, otherwise it will continue to carry water out to sea.

In principle, DSR users no longer make structural substitutions .... but!!!

It never hurts to have 1 or 2 buckets of CRS250 at home for emergencies.
Consider poisoning, overdose, leakage, extraction of soil, cuttings water, etc.
You will have earned back those few salt bucket(s) a long time ago by omitting the weekly changes

CRS Trace

CRS Trace is an innovative product that allows you to make your own salt mixture. Particularly suitable as a problem solver in case of pollution with heavy metals and deviating values. Excellent product properties without the use of heavy metals. Accurate values, unique and individual control of your water quality, as well as maintaining the desired parameters. For easy management and setting of your desired values use the CRS calculator. This one has a built-in cost calculator and is available on our website: CRS Custom Reef Salt Calculator

CRS trace DSR CRS trace

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