Testing devices/kits approved for DSR users :

(rev. September 2022)

  • Salinity: [EZ] D&D H2Ocean Refractometer, Calibrated at 33ppt with DSR reference
  • Alk/KH: [EZ] Salifert KH
  • Calcium: [EZ] Salifert Ca
  • Magnesium: [EZ] Salifert Mg
  • Potassium: Salifert Potassium*
  • Strontium: in evaluation (not required when dosing (CaSr 1:50)
  • Boron: Salifert Borium (very limited shelftime)
  • Iodine: in evaluation (not required when dosing 0,003ppm/d)
  • Phosphate: (PO4): [EZ]] Hanna HI-736, *Salifert PO4 (low range, use 20ml – 2022 version).
  • Nitrate: [EZ] Salifert NO3*

Iron: testing not required. (do not try to make iron measurable, prevent overdosing)


  • Essential kits
  • Finetuning kits

       [EZ] = EZ line kits

       Green = preferred choice

       * marked = value for your money.

Redsea PO4 test is NOT recommended for values higher than 0,08ppm.

Always use the DSR Reference to validate your own testing kits.

test kits DSR Reference

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