Total Reef Care

We are proud to announce our game changing dosing system “TotalReefCare” ( TRC )

It’s an ALL-IN-ONE maintenance solution for marine aquariums. It is particularly suitable for both inexperienced and advanced aquarists looking for a way to successfully maintain their aquarium with minimal effort.

Components (Targets):
Alkalinity(~9dKH), Calcium(~440ppm), Magnesium(~1350ppm), Potassium(~440pp), Strontium (~8ppm), Boron(~4ppm), Iodine(0,06ppm) Manganese, Carbon, Nutrients.

TRC might be a lifesaver for many hobbyists. – It saves at least 1-3 dosing channels and the hassle with inaccuracy between dosing head – It saves time (re)calibrating and setting each dosing channel. Inaccurate dosing head (with cheap units) are a real problem. They are a main cause of imbalanced between elements.

DSR Total Reef Care  

How to use:
First measure the KH, Calcium and Magnesium and bring them up to standard. As calcium consumption increases, begin dosing. Adjust dosage to actual calcium consumption. Check parameters regularly and adjust as needed. For optimal results, the use of both an UV lamp and a power filter is recommended.

Concentration Calcium: 16,67ml/100l = 7,2ppm raise

Start Daily Dosing: 2ml/100L

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