Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System

It’s recommended to use pure water to make Saltwater and top-up your marine aquarium. By using your own RO device, you eliminate unknown variables and polluted sources.

A good working RO must be equipped with the following  parts:

Sediment pre-filter – removes dirt

Active Carbon filter – remove organic pollution

Membrane – removes fine elements

DI filter – removes residual Ions

TDS meter –  connected to in- and output of DI filter

Depending on the quality and wear of the Membrane it’s output will be about 1-7 ppt. This water still have unwanted pollution i.e. SiO3, PO4, NO3 which aren’t removed by the membrane.

By applying a DI filter these residual pollution are remove and the TDS measurement will read 0 ppt. The DI resin need to be replaced every 1500-2500 liters

Ro device

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