Full DSR Quick Start Procedure

(for reef tanks without structural problems)

For step by step procedure see DSR Startup page

First walk through the “high nutrients topic”!

Install power filter (remove as much detritus as possible from sandbed)

Do basic measurements and corrections with DSR calculator(s).

Install and calibrate auto dosing units.

Start the baseline dosing for CarbonVS (use conservative dosing)

Start the baseline dosing for Fe+. (one week later than CarbonVS to prevent bacteria bloom)

Mix stock solution PH+.

Start baseline dosing for PH+ (if deficient).

Mix stock solution for CaSr (Calcium + Strontium).

Start baseline dosing for CaSr (if deficit).

Do (adviced) periodic measurements and top up if necessary.

Use DSR 2.0 calculator to determine consumption and dosing amounts. See calculators page

When starting DSR on a  system with very high PO4/NO3 make sure to siphon the sandbed use a power filter and walk through this
checklist to prevent bacteria bloom.

There are 15 Supplement which are being used in the DSR Method to control all essential water parameters.

Full DSR components

Happy Reefing

Full DSR

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