DSR CarbonVS – Nitrate remover
DSR CarbonVS – Nitrate remover

DSR CarbonVS – Nitrate remover

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DSR CarbonVS – Nitrate remover

DSR CarbonVS is a source for bacteria in your reef tank to reduce the nitrate level

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DSR CarbonVS – Nitrate remover

Target: 0,5 – 2,5 ppm nitrate

Lower nitrate by increasing daily dose with 20% steps until target or maximum dose is reached. Reduce daily dose when water get blurred or nitrate is lower than 0,5ppm.

Dosing min/max: 0,5 – 5ml / 100l

Start dosing: 0,5g / 100l per day

DSR CarbonVS

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You can reduce nitrate with a carbon source (Carbon Source). Well-known carbon sources include Vodka, vinegar, sugar, biopellets but also citric acid, honey and dextrose are sometimes mentioned. In DSR I opted for a balanced vinegar / sugar mix (Carbon V / S). I have set up a modified table for that.

The condition for reducing nitrate with a carbon source is that phosphate must also be present. Preferably at a level of 0.03-0.08 ppm. It sounds contradictory, but at a lower level (0.0-0.02ppm) it can help to add phosphate to further lower the nitrate.

Dosing a carbon source can stimulate the growth of sponges. In addition, I dose nitrate to stabilize its level at a desired height.

With carbon dosing it is important to ensure that your NO3 never falls below 0.5 ppm.

When using in DSR always use a Salifert NO3 test to measure. (under no circumstances assume the redsea NO3 test)

In the case of a too low NO3, soft and LPS corals will eventually suffer. It is advisable to dose the nitrate (to 1-2.5 ppm) and to reduce the carbon dose to a 3-5 dose week within a week.

DSR Carbon v / s: Nitrate Remover is a balanced Vinegar / Sugar mix (Carbon V / S) which can be dosed according to the following table:

DSR Carbon VS dosing table

Properly dosing these nutrients will increase the anearobic bacterial population and lower the nitrate content.

DSR CarbonVS/ 250ml

DSR CarbonVS/  500ml

DSR CarbonVS/  1000ml

DSR CarbonVS/  5000ml

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