Bacteria bloom due to carbon dosing

Bacteria boom is the explosive growth of bacteria causing the water become turbid(cloudy). This causes fish to gasp for air or breath heavily due to oxygen depletion in the water.

Bacteria bloom can be cause by surplus of:

  1. Detritus housing large population of bacteria (not desirable)
  2. Addition of large amount of bacteria (not used in DSR)
  3. PO4 (needed to lower NO3 with carbon dosing)
  4. NO3 (normally we try to lower this with carbon dosing)
  5. Carbon (carbon source used to lower NO3)

Heavy feeding and omitting a Powerfilter can cause detritus, PO4 and NO3 to increase significantly. Surplus of these increase the risk of bacteria bloom significantly.

When conditions are not ideal, excessive carbon dosing or bacteria may initiate the bacteria bloom.

Because PO4 and NO3 are present and need to be removed, gradually increase of carbon dosing will initiate the process of bringing down NO3 and PO4.

When the bottom is polluted with detritus, this need to be stirred and siphoned prior to carbon dosing. Use a Powerfilter to remove all detritus before carbon dosing decreases the risk of bacteria bloom.

Actions to be taken during bacteria bloom:

  1. Stop all carbon and bacteria dosing
  2. Start using a UV steriliser for 24/7
  3. Shut down all lighting for at least 24-48 hours
  4. Set skimming on extreme wet
  5. Aerate the tank with an air stone
  6. Point all streamers to move water on the surface
  7. Use a DSR Powerfilter to remove as much dirt and bacteria slime as possible

If possible do a large 30-40% water change in the first few hours to relieve the stress on the fish. Changing less or later is not useful anymore, unless the bloom increases.

When the above measure are take the bloom may be gone in 24 hours.

After all has stabilized and the cause of all problems have been removed, resume carbon dosing with 50% of last dosing.

bacteria bloom

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