DSR Ca+ (Calcium Chloride)
DSR Ca+ (Calcium Chloride)

DSR Ca+ (Calcium Chloride)

DSR - CA500
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Increasing the Calcium (Ca) content in a rotating aquarium is done with Calcium Chloride (DSR Ca+)

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DSR Ca+ (Calcium Chloride)

Calcium is essential for the growth of lime algae and the building of the lime skeleton in corals.

Due to the consumption of Ca this value drops in the aquarium water and this will have harmful consequences for the corals. If this value falls below ~ 360ppm for longer than ~ 1 week, the tops of various Acroporas will bleach and decay over time. There will also be tissue loss with various other SPS and LPS corals and the polyps will enter.

Increasing the Calcium (Ca) content in a rotating aquarium is done with Calcium Chloride (DSR Ca+)

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How does DSR Ca + (Ca increase): Calcium Chloride

  • measure with salifert Ca test
  • start the DSR calculator, only the yellow cells can be changed and must therefore be checked.
  • enter the measured value in the DSR calculator
  • check the water volume for the calculation, that must be the net volume in liters
  • check the action that should be on "Correction values"
  • check the target value for Ca.
  • read the quantity to be dosed at the columns "correction values" and "unit / raw material" (in grams).
  • if use is made of stock solution, use the solutions column on the far right (in milliliters).

Raising Calcium is done globally at 20ppm per day

After dosing 33% of the required amount, measure the result. If it is already up to standard, then an exception applies where you have your Ca up to standard with 33% of the dose (often the Ca is unstable with every measurement).

In case the 33% dose does not increase enough, you can dose the rest of the amount the following days.

Dosing can be removed via the sump removed from the suction of the lifting pump, or gradually dissolved dissolved in the aquarium with all the flow pumps on.

Solubility: 745 g / L (20 ° C, 745 grams per 1 liter)

  • DSR Ca+ 500gr
  • DSR Ca+ 900gr
  • DSR Ca+ 1,8kg
  • DSR Ca+ 5,5kg
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